Contact to the deceased

Hereafter Contacts:

My task as a medium is to show that life after physical death does not end but takes on another form of existence and vibration.

I assit you in your grief work if you have lost a loved one Often there are open questions, a farewell was not possible, or one wonders if the beloved person in the spiritual world is doing well. Here, a hereafter contact can be healing and helpful.

How do I work:

It is very important to me not to receive any information in advance in order to work as a neutral channel for the spiritual world!

I describe the person, character, life situation, cause of death, home and surroundings of the deceased or other important things that the deceased conveys through pictures and feelings. There are also messages about current life situations of the questioner.

In the second part, the client can ask his personal questions.

An open attitude without firm expectations supports a good session. Please always consider a hereafter contact as a gift that the deceased makes to you. Do not be fixated on a particular message, but trust that the spiritual world always has the right thing for you.

Sometimes it may be that the deceased person who was hoped for does not appear in the session. Everything has a meaning … sometimes the deceased needs time to get along in the spiritual world or to work on certain topics he has taken from the past life in order to be ready for communication.

Often it happens then that on a further date, after a certain time has elapsed, the desired deceased person is gladly ready for a conversation.

It is always the free will to respect. This applies both in this world as well as in the spiritual world.


Many opportunties to learn, grow, relax, recharge, and renew!

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Contact to the deceased

I assist you in your grief work if you have lost a loved one. Are there unansered questions if a farewell was not possible?

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 "The Raindrop Technique ® is an aroma application that provides deep relaxation and inner balance. It combines ancient healing knowledge of the Dakota Indians and Tibetans with the latest scientific knowledge about essential oils and their therapeutic effects." 

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