Medial Coaching

We humans go today an intensive way of the consciousness and live through intensive experiences and changes and sometimes we lose the orientation and the clarity for the own life way.

In a medial coaching you and your concerns are the focus. I connect with your soul and energies and get the information about you that you need and process at that time. For example, where you come from, where you are in your current life situation, what your potential and your life’s work are, and where your chosen path can lead you.

During the session, I am connected to your spirit guides and also receive messages from other light beings I also get access to the Akashic Records, in which all life is stored. There I can take a look at your karma, past lives and much more.

I’ll show you your strengths and weaknesses to give you a better understanding of yourself. The connections can be understood and implemented in everyday life. So you come back into your full power to live your full potential. Changes happen immediately as soon as the blockages are resolved. Confidence and trust come to the surface and it happens that you are getting involved in a new way.

I give you ideas and insights for your life, but do not tell you what you have to do! Free will is the supreme law, it is not my right to intervene. But I can accommodate you grab your arms and walk along with you part of the way.

Here are some examples of topics that include my support:

• Helping you to make better decisions for your life path
• Finding a new life orientation in line with your spiritual plan
• Helping to manage stress and crisis more effectively
• Confirming and clarifying difficult situations in partnership, work, family, everyday life
• Discover your own potential and your own strength
• Clearing of inner mental blocks and destructive behavior patterns

And much more ….


Many opportunties to learn, grow, relax, recharge, and renew!

Learn about me

Medial Coaching

 I connect with your soul and higher self to answer your questions and help you to unlock your blockades. 

Soul Healing

I help you with various healing methods to unlock and heal your deeper physical and emotional blockades and traumas

Contact to the deceased

I assist you in your grief work if you have lost a loved one. Are there unansered questions if a farewell was not possible?

Raindrop Technique ®

 "The Raindrop Technique ® is an aroma application that provides deep relaxation and inner balance. It combines ancient healing knowledge of the Dakota Indians and Tibetans with the latest scientific knowledge about essential oils and their therapeutic effects." 

Seminars /workshops /meditation

Helping you to connect in many different ways to the spiritual world, to find answers,  your inner wisdom, potential and inner peace.

About me

As a Starseed I incarnated to earth to assist humanity to heal and grow.


The session will be over Skype but if you prefer Zoom, WhatsApp or Telegram just let me know. 
As soon you have booked a session I will contact you within 24 hours to arrange your session.

Turku, Finland
You can book my sessions in 4 language: deutsch, svenska, suomi, english


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