Sabine Hahne

As a Starseed I incarnated to earth to assist humanity to heal and grow.

I was born in 1965 in the south of Germany, in Konstanz.

When I was 1 year old, my parents moved with me to Finland. There I grew up on the southern coast in Turku. I spent the summer in the archipelago. From an early age I have a deep connection to nature and could live this connection in Finland very freely and boundlessly. Especially in the summer outside in the unique Finnish archipelago, where I was able to experience nature in all its facets … water, rocks, forest …. At the age of 16 I moved back to Germany but the yearning for home and nature left me in 2018, divorced and mother of 3 adult children back to Finland, to return to my old home Turku. Here I am now continuing my life task.

I am born as high sensitive and at the same time with very strong medial and clairvoyant abilities. With the help of mother nature and the nature spirits  with which I was able to communicate even then, my abilities were already trained in my childhood.

In my early childhood I was not aware that I could be different from other people. Only in the course of puberty, ie in the age of teens, did this become more evident, especially after I had moved from nature to city life in Germany.

It was often hard for me to be so ‘different’. Often I lived in two worlds. Outside, in everyday life and then in my inner world, where I was with my thoughts for myself and also communicated with other spirit beeings. I often did not feel ‘home’ on this earth, somehow out of place. 

It was only later that I learned that I am a starseed incarnated here on earth to assist  humanity to wake up, heal and grow. 

It was like an enlightenment for me … the end of my inner search for answers and finally the answer to my ‘being different’.

I started a 2-year training according to English tradition in which my skills were trained and I was trained to be a medium and a healer. Finally, I began to implement my life’s work and live.

To this day I have not stopped expanding my skills with the help of the spiritual world and my spiritual guides. Stopping there is not for me. I will continue to evolve to my last breath and discover new things … and I find it wonderful and exciting.

Today I work worldwide as a medium, healer, medial coach, spiritual teacher and – companion. I work in several languages ​​- swedish, german, english, and finnish.


Many opportunties to learn, grow, relax, recharge, and renew!

Learn about me

Medial Coaching

 I connect with your soul and higher self to answer your questions and help you to unlock your blockades. 

Soul Healing

I help you with various healing methods to unlock and heal your deeper physical and emotional blockades and traumas

Contact to the deceased

I assist you in your grief work if you have lost a loved one. Are there unansered questions if a farewell was not possible?

Raindrop Technique ®

 "The Raindrop Technique ® is an aroma application that provides deep relaxation and inner balance. It combines ancient healing knowledge of the Dakota Indians and Tibetans with the latest scientific knowledge about essential oils and their therapeutic effects." 

Seminars /workshops /meditation

Helping you to connect in many different ways to the spiritual world, to find answers,  your inner wisdom, potential and inner peace.

About me

As a Starseed I incarnated to earth to assist humanity to heal and grow.


The session will be over Skype but if you prefer Zoom, WhatsApp or Telegram just let me know. 
As soon you have booked a session I will contact you within 24 hours to arrange your session.

Turku, Finland
You can book my sessions in 4 language: deutsch, svenska, suomi, english


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